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Our Goal is to Empower Your Business

Accountix is an established Accounting and Tax Firm with a professional and qualified work force.
Since 2010, Accountix has become the leading consultants for healthcare practitioners and many other small-medium entities in South Africa.



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Why you can rely on us

Our combined skills and intimate understanding of financial management provides you with the support you need to succeed. We follow a pragmatic and objective approach to problem solving and continually uphold our values of integrity, punctuality and diligence.


Educating and guiding each other is one of our Firm’s core objectives. We encourage our team members to develop new life skills and undergo interpersonal development. We also carry the important responsibility of imparting knowledge, expertise and ethical behaviour onto our youth, which is why we are an Accredited Training Centre.


In order to help you grow, we continually strive to create a strong professional network. We follow a philosophy of complete client commitment, providing you with transparent communication and ongoing support and availability.

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